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 Daughtering: Helping Loved Ones Finish Well 
Daughtering: Helping Loved Ones Finish Well

In Daughtering: Helping Loved Ones Finish Well, Jan de Chambrier shares the stories of more than two dozen daughters as they accompanied their loved ones through devastating physical diagnoses, the heartache of dementia, the challenges of a pandemic - even as they struggled to maintain an equilibrium in their own lives.  Interweaving her personal daughtering stories with those of women from four different continents, from a second-generation Holocaust survivor to an internationally-acclaimed opera singer, Jan demonstrates the power of story-telling to engender a sense of hope, belonging, and relational healing as we journey through life together.

With each story bookended by Scripture and prayer, you will be encouraged and strengthened in faith as you learn from others who have walked with their loved ones through this course of life on earth.  You will not only discover resources enabling you to help those you love finish well, but a deeper sense of who you are as a beloved daughter of the King of kings.

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